Florence 1529 – Rinascimento Chronicles

GENRE: Adventure
PLATFORM: Microsoft Windows & Apple OS X
RELEASE DATE: Summer 2015

October 15th. Imperial troops are besieging the city. The inhabitants are preparing for a strenuous defense of the Republic.

While the armies await the final battle, Evil creeps into the Art of the Renaissance, spreading horror and heresy. Clara, a servant who is passionate about art, falls under the spell of a cursed painting.

Soon after she begins her investigations, the masterpiece is stolen. Why? What is happening to her? What intrigues lurk beneath the rivalry and envy of the town-dwellers?


GENRE: Arcade
PLATFORM: Microsoft Windows

Hanabi is the Japanese for Flowers of Fire, Fireworks. They hide inside big shells on the screen waiting for you to hit them and make them blow. A shell exploding shoots dangerous streamers. Avoid the streamers and try to get the energy at the center of the firework.

  • Go through all types of fireworks and see them blowing
  • Find out your strategy to pass the level and fight the hanabi boss
  • Read Confucio’s teachings on the shells like fortune cookies
  • Discover new and amazing scenarios, 40 levels for your fun

Aspectus – Rinascimento Chronicles

GENRE: Adventure
PLATFORM: Microsoft Windows
RELEASE DATE: March 2011
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Netherlands, 1520. The Destroyers of the Art come out of paintings and materialize from statues, they come to infect the Art and wreck the city. To trap them, help Mr. Bruesen creates the Aspectus, the Perfect Painting. Find the sect of the amorphous creatures and destroy it.

  • Explore the city after dark and unveil hideous secrets
  • Talk to people to get new missions
  • Play the workshops of locks, alchemy, and reparation to get new items
  • Combine up to 4 items to build tricky tools and find a way out
  • Watch the in-game cut scenes to grasp new details and save the city